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#Culture | Catherine Leroy, combat photographer.


From Chaty, that went full beyond the call of duty. She is a Star…

By AR forMéxicodigital

Combat Photographer Catherine Leroy about to jump with the #173rdAirborne during operation “Junction City”, Vietnam, 1967 .

Catherine Leroy

Cathy at War is a 72-minute documentary featuring the words and pictures of Catherine Leroy, arguably the greatest female photographer of the Vietnam War.

Despite being less than five-feet tall and 90 pounds, Leroy set the record for operations undertaken with the US Marines, was the first woman to parachute into combat, was seriously wounded in action, captured by the North Vietnamese, and for three years made some of the most iconic images of the war.

Through letters written to her parents, interviews, and her photographs, the film tracks the conflict from its early gung-ho optimism to its slow descent into quagmire and futility. It also documents Leroy’s personal battles, as a…

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