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Mexican Gulf Cartel Faction Leader Dies in Shootout near Border // Graphic images!


MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas – A leader of a faction of Mexico’s Gulf Cartel who faked his death in 2017 died this week in a fierce shootout with rival cartel gunmen. The faction leader cooperated with authorities in Mexico and court records in the U.S. point to him having provided information to investigators in exchange for a light sentence in an old criminal case.

By a.r for Mexicodigitalnews

Warning: strong and graphic images!

Known as Commander Fili, Filiberto “Ciclon 40” Caudillo Salinas, the current leader of the Ciclones forces for the Matamoros faction of the Gulf Cartel died during a shootout with suspected rival cartel members just west of Matamoros. At least three other gunmen died during the clash. That shootout comes just days after Mexican authorities arrested 13 gunmen and killed another one in the municipality of San Fernando, just south of Matamoros, Breitbart Texas reported.


In March 2017, Caudillo Salinas faked his death during a series of clashes between rival factions of the Gulf Cartel and the Mexican military. However, intelligence officials revealed to Breitbart Texas that instead of dying, Caudillo Salinas went underground and helped push the myth of his death. Shortly thereafter El Filis allegedly died, he became an informant and began to feed tips about his rivals to Mexican military forces. It remains unclear when El Filis resurfaced in Matamoros. At the time of his death, however, he was controlling the Ciclones strike team for the Gulf Cartel.


It was near that beach area in 20016 near a spot called Bartinola, Breitbart Texas reported that El Filis operated a clandestine crematorium where he would have his men use 55-gallon drums to incinerate their victims. After the remains were incinerated, the gunmen would throw the ashes in the ground or in the nearby banks of the Rio Grande in order to erase all trace of their victims.

Federal court records in Texas revealed that El Filis allegedly cooperated with authorities before. In 2003, federal authorities arrested Caudillo Salinas on human smuggling charges. The man known as Filis pleaded guilty to the charges and was released on probation and only spent four months in prison after he violated probation. Various entries in the court docket and numerous sealed documents point to Caudillo Salinas as having been a government informant and as receiving preferential treatment by the court at the time.


Information from Mexicodigital and J,J in Reynosa / MacAllen.