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Why U.S.-Iran Feud Keeps Focus on Strait of Hormuz – BLOOMBERG

Grant Smith, Julian Lee and Javier Blas for BLOOMBERG 9 de enero de 2020 Cargo ships in the Strait of Hormuz. The Strait of Hormuz is once again a center of global tensions. The Middle East’s crude oil and natural gas flow through the narrow sea conduit to international markets, making it the world’s most […]

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“Bloomberg Market Wrap Defensives, Momentum ETF, Copper/Gold Ratio” Live tv

Bloomberg Capital Markets Markets closing bell Live TV coverage from headquarter’s, Wallstreet, New York.

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(Bloomberg). -Eaton Vance large-cap value fund, beat 92% of peers this year.

At least one investor is winning with Wall Street’s worst-performing trade. While cheaper stocks have underperformed in the last decade, Eaton Vance Management’s 88-year-old Large-Cap Value Fund, one of the oldest U.S. mutual funds, is beating the market and peers this year in defiance of the overall trend. Value can be a winner if you look […]

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Kyle Bass Exits Offshore Yuan Bet as PBOC Squeezes Shorts – Bloomberg.

#InternationalNews #Bloomberg It may seem like a strange time for hedge fund manager Kyle Bass to exit his short bet against the offshore yuan– just as the trade looks to have a chance of becoming seriously profitable. Almost four years after the long-time China bear made the wager, the currency is under increasing pressure amid a worsening trade […]