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All heads up // Chinise Radars are already working on Venezulela ….



Chinese Radars on Venezulela airfield

CODAI (Venezuelan Air Defense) caught everyone by surprise. They were intelligence coming in that show off their new Chinese radars, that no one had seen before.

The first thing to do was find out what radars Venezuela had actually acquired from China, the problem is that 2 months later we still don’t know exactly what radars they are and they are still unnamed. Despite some saying that the radar looks similar to the Chinese JY 27 radar, there are some obvious differences that prevent it from being identified as the same radar.

En el marco de la “Operación Venezuela Soberanía y Paz” he venido a Maracay para acompañar parte del despliegue de los Sistemas de exploración profunda del @CODAI_FANB. Ante el bloqueo criminal contra Venezuela, nosotros garantizamos la defensa de la Patria. ¡CODAI Somos Todos!

After contacting some sources inside CODAI it’s likely that the radars are a new long range VHF radar given its size and shape and it’s likely have a range of 300 NM or more.

The radars were officially unveiled at BAEL (Base Area El Libertador) in Maracay. I quickly set out to gather as many photos of the new radar as possible, including from a quickly deleted tweet by CODAI.

The images show the radar screens inside the command and control vehicles as well as some clear photos of the radars themselves.

The radars were announced to still be in testing, which was all but confirmed by the fact that grupo 13 Sukhoi Su-30 squadron were deployed to BAEL that week, they were likely involved in the testing of the new radars.

Now that all the available photos of the radars had been found in Venezuela, it was time to take a look at China and look at their origin.

Thanks to @pir34 for the help with this part.

The radars were found to be at a CETC (China Electronic Technology Group) test site north of Hefei, China in February 2018, meaning the radars were transferred to Venezuela at some point between February and September 2018

Surprisingly, these radars were seen again in China on Google Earth Imagery not far away from the CETC test site. These images from May 2016 show the radars also being tested in Hefei, China.

After all this investigation we still don’t know much about these radars, the unveiling of these radars was a surprise to everyone monitoring the Venezuelan military, I’m even told it was a slight surprise to those at SOUTCHOM. These radars are yet to be officially deployed yet and are still reportedly in the development stage. I will update this post with any new updates.



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