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Wall Street analysts say these stocks look like safe bets in the US-China trade war


CNBC examined the most recent Wall Street research to find stocks that analysts like in the U.S.- China trade war.Stocks include Canada Goose, Akamai Technologies, Norwegian Cruise Lines, SolarEdge Technolgies and Maximus

Wall Street analysts say there are still plenty of opportunities to invest in quality stocks despite a trade war that feels never ending to many investors.

CNBC looked through recent Wall Street research to find stocks that analysts like amidst the U.S.-China trade war.
Since trade tensions ratcheted up Aug. 1, the S&P 500 is down more than 3%. Despite that, analysts say there’s no shortage of ways to play the pullback.

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Solar panel manufacturer SolarEdge Technologies is one company that’s not seeing a tariff disruption, according to analysts at JMP Securities.

“They shifted production to Eastern Europe a while ago,” analyst Joseph Osha told CNBC.

“SEDG’s efforts to shift away from China supply for the U.S. market appear to be working out,” Osha also said in a recent note.

The firm has an outperform rating on the stock while shares of the company are up 25% this month.

Maximus is a company that provides business outsourcing services to governments around the globe.

According to analysts at Raymond James, the company has a lack of China exposure and actually benefits during a global growth slowdown.

“Couple this with the fact that MMS is idiosyncratic to the macro, with immaterial tariff exposure, no China exposure, and a model focused on social programs that typically thrive as global growth recedes makes for a very intriguing story,” they said.

The stock is up 3% over the last month.

Content delivery network provider Akamai Technologies was recently named a “top recession” pick by analysts at Piper Jaffray.

The firm likes the company’s lack of China exposure. “The underlying market dynamics, especially due to over-the-top delivery, online gaming, and cloud security, will help Akamai’s business hold up better than most in a downturn,” the analyst said.

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